I'm an Accidental Gardener;
my food reanimates with or without my intervening.
I don't have a garden of my own, and the next best place seems to be my kitchen for 'pottering' about. I'm not sure why that is the case but it is.

Take this onion.
It has re-emerged,  re-awakened.
And I have no idea what to do with it.
It honestly seems to be quite fine without any meddling from me.

This onion is one in a long line of failed experiments / neglect including, but not limited to:

   - half bags of potatoes         - leeks
   - carrot tops                          - spring onions
   - garlic cloves                        - apple seeds

Now I sit and watch it.     
It grows bigger everyday – I swear I can see it vibrate
as it stretches
towards the sun.

Is this a Garden?