Martin Green    My practice uses materials and imagery discovered in specific locations resulting in balanced and fragile assemblages that rest somewhere between chance and intentionality, displayed either as wall based double-sided collages that can be turned around as part of the exhibition or as expansive floor sculptures that interact with and challenge the environment in which they are made or placed.

I collect and archive materials that have a time specific, historical and cultural significance but are often not deemed worth keeping. The transformation process of found object to artwork exposes stories relating to the urban and cultural environment, creating sculptural poems that bear witness to the shifting shape of our society.

I collect Involuntary Autobiographical Memories, recollections of the past that spring to mind without conscious effort, occurring in everyday life. They are characterised by their element of surprise, as they appear to come into conscious awareness spontaneously. Since lockdown my practice has focused on the production of autobiographical and local history paintings on post-it notes that are placed in alternative outdoor gallery spaces.