The Soi/uls and the City

My garden is Coventry
It is shaped by multifaceted flows of matters
And energy unfolding their forces
To grow and feed the city’s souls

My garden is Coventry
A plot for pre-selected migrating seeds to sprout
Simultaneously a how it is and a what it’s not
Growing oscillations in-between silent
Night walk in commons and busy peak hours’ traffic
Before my eyes a shared garden cut unequally

Away from home,
A way to homesickness
A home to grow and rest
On the weeds of change
Four-leaf clovers
Escaping from Bayer’s
Chemical-sprayed (de)limited garden
Failing to provide a space for so many beings
To be, root, bloom, and grow safely

My garden is Coventry
Organised chaos fed by faceless nutrients
Power in-balancing
In my garden, Coventry
Every soul has a right to soil
No justice, no peace.