Anita Chaplin After an earlier career in magazine sub-editing (London), Anita discovered gardening when she moved to rural France 10 years ago, where she grew her own organic vegetables based on Permaculture principles (while also running workshops teaching people to build earth ovens and other structures out of cob, a natural material made from earth, straw and sand).

On her return to the UK in 2018, she sought to reconnect with nature through wildlife volunteering and community gardening. As a member of Team Springboard, she has been co-working on community gardens in Stratford-upon-Avon (Growing Together) and Foleshill community centre (Coventry), while helping out at the Lakeview allotment community garden (Coventry).

Through food-growing and general gardening, Team Springboard helps people who are experiencing barriers to work and life. Team Springboard currently has two garden sites. The Community Roots allotment garden in Coventry is currently focussing on food production for food banks during the COVID pandemic. The Growing Together community garden in Stratford-upon-Avon is open for the public and edible planting is being added to the assortment of fruit trees, fruit bushes and herbs.